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Step 5 – Stitch up your baskets!

To make your baskets you’ll need your felt basket pieces (4 x basket sides, 4x basket base), 1 skein of white embroidery thread and a long needle.

These little baskets are quite simple to make, it’s just about taking your time with the stitching.

First, sew five rows of running stitch across the basket side. Next, whipstitch the ends together, and flip the tube the right way out. Lastly, whipstitch on the base.

Tip: you can stitch the whole basket using just one long section of thread!

Now to attach the baskets to the balloon. You can do this using a length of thread taken through the base of the balloon as shown above, create a knot inside the basket to hold securely. Repeat on the perpendicular side to create 4 little ropes.

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