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Step 4 – Close up and trim

OK so we’ve cut out, stitched up, and stuffed our balloons, now it’s time to close em’ up. Take one balloon base and 10cm of trimming per balloon, you can use ricrac, mini pom-pom trim, or even ribbon. I’ll be using white pom-pom trim. You will also need a sewing needle and matching thread.

First, whip stitch the felt to the balloon base. Dont tie off the sewing thread just yet, we are going to use the same length of thread to sew on the trimming. This part can be a bit fiddly, hang in there! Using a backstitch, sew the trimming over the ragged edge of the balloon base, then, you can tie off the thread and cut off the excess trimming.

Repeat for the rest of your balloons. Mix and match the trimmings for a bit of creativity.

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