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Step 2 – Stitch up balloon panels

Today we’re going to sew up the balloon panels. In the video below I go through how to pin and sew a balloon using a sewing machine. However, you can easily hand stitch these panels if you dont have access to a machine: just use a simple running stitch sewing from top to bottom.

It’s important to pin your panels together before sewing them up as the pieces can slip and move easily, I know, I know, who can be bothered?! But, trust me on this one, it’ll save you tonnes of time unpicking all them stitches!

Once you’ve sewn up all your balloon panels it’s time to flip them the right way out!

So, how are your balloons looking? Leave a comment, post a pic on twitter with #HotAirSewAlong, ask a question… I’d love to hear from you!

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