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Step 1 – Cut out fabric and felt

Welcome to the hot air balloon sew-along! This is the first step to making your baby mobile. If you haven’t already got your pattern you can buy one here or you can buy a DIY kit like the one I’ll be using in this sew-along!

Before we begin, here’s an outline of what we’ll be covering over the sew-along:

  • Gather your Supplies
  • Cut out fabric and felt
  • Sew together the balloon tops
  • Stuff the balloons
  • Close and trim the balloons
  • Baskets
  • Clouds
  • Mini bunting
  • Assemble the mobile

Please ask questions, make comments and send pics along the way! No question is too silly.

Step 1 – Cut out fabric and felt

Cut out all of the pattern pieces first. If you have a craft kit you’ll have these pre-printed onto heavy weight card. Otherwise remember to print your pieces at 100% scale, that is, don’t “fit to page”!

Next up we’ll cut out the balloon fabric panels. Just cut around the dotted lines printed around the balloon shapes, or, if you are using your own fabric trace around the balloon pattern shape onto the back of your fabric with a biro pen or heavy weight pencil and cut. You will need 6 pieces per balloon.

Next, we’ll cut the felt for the baskets, clouds, and balloon base. Trace around the pattern shapes onto your felt using a biro pen or pencil, then cut out all your pieces.

Now that everything is cut you should have:

  • 24 x balloon fabric tops
  • 4 x balloon base
  • 6 x clouds (2 per cloud)
  • 4 x basket base
  • 4 x basket sides

How did it go? Don’t worry about the bunting, that will be made and cut later.

Tomorrow we’ll be sewing the balloon tops!

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