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Preparations – time to gather your fabric and materials

Here’s a guide to help anyone gathering together their own craft supplies to make a Hot Air Balloon Mobile.

Below is the full list of everything you’ll need to make your baby mobile:

Supplies list:

  • Quilting fabric or Fabric Panel {four x 20cm x 40cm/ 8 x 16″ pieces}
  • White felt square {20 x 20cm/ 8 x 8″}
  • Felt for baskets {10 x 20cm /4 x 8″}
  • Hemming web {50cm/20” x 2.5cm/1” strip}
  • Wood hoop { 8″ diameter}
  • Embroidery thread {2 skeins for baskets and clouds}
  • Bio, recycled or poly toy fill {approx 300g}
  • Fabric scraps for bunting
  • Ric Rac, ribbon or mini pom-pom trim {around 30cm/12″}
  • Matching all-purpose thread

Useful tools:

  • Scissors
  • Biro pen
  • Large needle for embroidery thread
  • Iron and Ironing board


Helpful Advice:

Here’s the inside scoop on what I use and recommend.

You can use any quilting weight fabric you like for the Hot Air Balloons. Gingham and linen also work beautifully. Another option is a Fabric Panel that comes with the balloon craft kit.

Décor weight can be a bit harder to work with for turning and so on. Stretch fabrics aren’t appropriate for this pattern I’m afraid.

I recommend wool felt which is just beautiful and so great to work with; you can also buy great quality wool/synthetic blended felt which is more durable, but still baby soft. You’ll need a basket colour; I usually go with wicker brown or greys, and also white for the clouds.

Embroidery thread:
I use Anchor Cotton Stranded Thread skeins because it holds well for the baskets and is strong enough to be used for hanging the balloons. You can just use one colour for the whole project, or you might like a basket colour and a different balloon hanging colour like white or pale blue.

Hemming web:
1 inch wide hemming tape works perfectly for this – it’s already cut into a strip so you can just lay it down and fuse together your little bunting flags. Grab it in craft stores and you can often find this little gem in supermarkets too.

Wood hoop:
An 8″/20cm wooden hoop that is roughly 1cm thick is ideal for hanging the balloons and clouds. You can find these at craft stores or an alternative is to use the inner of an embroidery hoop.

You can use any kind of stuffing for these – polyfill (regular toy fill) works well, recycled bio-fill is great and wool works well too. A note that wool stuffing will make the balloons a little heavier.

Feel free to leave any and all your questions in the comments, happy to chat all about supplies! The sew-along will officially start on the 20th February and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you.

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